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Nurse, Nurse!

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So what is Nurse, Nurse actually about?

Nurse, Nurse is a hilarious look at what it is really like to work as a nurse in the NHS and opens up some of the funnier sides of the health service for your enjoyment.
Everything (yes, everything) in the book is true and based on my own experiences throughout my career. Only the identities and locations have been changed to protect the innocent, stupid and embarressed.
Whether you work in the NHS, have been a patient, want to be a nurse or simply like reading funny stories, then my book is for you.

  1. Being a student nurse
  2. On the wards
  3. The ambulance service
  4. Medical records
  5. Staff who work in the NHS
  6. Waiting lists and targets
  7. Management
  8. Private finance initiative
  9. The NHS complaints procedure
  10. Only in the NHS


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